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Kibummie by Mei-Ri Kibummie :iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 2 0
Pulling the strings again and again,
Playing by what the puppet master said,
The puppet moved safely under the wings of its creator,
Not hesitating, not even a second later.
But on a free will when the master was away,
The puppet decided to pull her own strings today.
Shakily standing,
She moved on, finally free of her creator's handling.
Closer and closer she got to her safe haven,
Until the master swooped her strings up like a stingy raven.
Pulling her back by her bindings,
Never getting to make her own findings.
Always being played by the strings of her fate,
Never hesitating,
Not even a second late.
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 0 1
N x Reader... Unexpected
What does it feel like to live in the life of a fangirl? Well, you definitely knew. There were the biases. Ridiculously gorgeous men who sang for your sheer entertainment, in a language that wasn't your own. There were the concerts. You know, the ones that never seemed to make it to your city?
Yeah those, and then last but not least, the language barrier. The difference of Korean and your tongue was quite noticeably large, and as much as you could wish you could disperse that cursed barrier, you couldn't. The top three principles of a fangirl, are those solely.
Now, the dedication and time you had for them, was insane. Every hour, minute, second, was filled with them.
You had spent countless hours, staring endlessly at a computer screen, watching as they were interviewed. Every single radio show, live performance, VIXX TV, and their MTV Diary. Oh, how you wish that one day you could meet them...
And now, you could. It was maybe your only chance, and you snatched it up ferociously
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 11 3
Hyuk x Reader... Valentine's Cookies
"Hyukkie, can you pass me the sugar?" You buzzed around the kitchen, looking for all sorts of ingredients you needed as well to make sugar cookies. Hyuk complied, passing you the sugar. "You know Jagiya? I can be sweeter than sugar..." You gave him a ridiculous look, and simply laid out your ingredients.
He wrapped his slender arms around your waist and pulled you close as you began throwing the mix together.
"Oppa! Let me be, I need to make these for my friends!" You tried to wiggle out of his strong  hold, but to no avail. You sighed and continued to maneuver with Hyuk stuck to you like glue. You turned on the mixer and laid your head in your hands, humming as you watched the sugary dough fold and twist to the mixer's will.  
"Jagiya? Can you please just forget the cookies? I'm important too right?" Hyuk released you and pouted, trying to drag you away from presetting the oven. "Jagiyaaaaaaa~ Come onnnnnnnn!" You pushed him away and pointed to the couch.
"Sit! Don't get up!
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 13 9
I'll Protect You... N x Reader
To think things couldn’t get any worse… You swiped at your tears, bringing your knees closer to your shaking form. You couldn’t stop crying as much as you wanted to, and it only made things when you stopped your crying to listen to his ruthless words. You wanted to curse him out, never see him again. He had hurt you dearly, but not only that, he had hurt your mother as well. You felt your phone vibrate, and you pulled it out to see one of the few names that could make you smile on a day like this.
You carefully slid your finger across the screen and read his message.
‘Hey~ Do you want to go out today? … I know you’d rather not be at home.’
You smiled bitterly and began to type your reply. ‘I’d love to, how did you know today was not my day?’ Your eyes lit up at the tiny bubble at the corner of your screen, signaling his message was soon on the way.
‘Well, let’s just say that I can sense whe
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 12 9
VIXX Voodoo Drawing! by Mei-Ri VIXX Voodoo Drawing! :iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 2 5
Lay x Reader... Christmas Craze
“Jagiya, I’ve returned from Christmas shopping!”  Lay unknowingly shouted into the empty apartment you two shared. He slid into your room in his socks and looked around in shock before realizing that the apartment was really empty. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed out. “I guess I could prepare something for her then…”
He nodded in response to himself and brought his bags out into the kitchen and set them down. He slid off his comfy, silky jacket, and rolled up his sleeves and began making your favorite dish.
You dashed around the store picking up everything in site that had to do with couples. You could not stop. You already had two cell phone charms, a t shirt, three bracelets, and a necklace. A nice woman approached you in the store and questioned, “Do you need help finding something miss?” You slowly turned around in frenzy, and almost raged at her if you didn’t get it through your head that she was just tryin
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 3 3
Sungmin x Reader... Merry Christmas
Christmas Eve couldn't have been spent better. With your caring boyfriend, Sungmin, under a cozy blanket, snuggled up comfortably. A perfect way to spend a loving Christmas Eve. You cuddled closer to him as the TV played one of the numerous Christmas movies. You sighed out in bliss as he snuggled right back into you. He played with the ends of your hair when he decided to speak up with his silky voice. “You know jagiya; oppa has something special prepared for you.” You giggled in response.
“Oh really?” You mused. “What is it?” You hit him playfully and looked over at his deep chocolate eyes. He just smiled at you and continued to flip and tug at your silky hair. You pouted a bit as he just brushed off your question. “Oppa! Tell me!” You nudged at his folded up leg and shook his arm. You didn’t like secrets being kept from you. Your nosy self just couldn’t help it. Sungmin sighed and looked at you with his perfect aegyo king ey
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 16 7
Henry x Reader... Ferris Wheels and Tea Cups
Ah! The county fair! The one place where kids loved to run free, couples to spend a cute date, and parents… Well, watch over their kids. But oh no, not you. You were here dressed in a cute light blue summer dress, waiting for Henry. As late as it was at night, the sun was down, and the wind slightly blew, sending goose bumps up and down your legs. You wore cute tan sandals to match as well, and you regretted that decision as well. You felt as if your toes would freeze and fall off. Luckily for you, Henry doesn’t keep you waiting long, as you see his tall, childish figure racing towards you. “_____!” You giggled as he picked you up and swung you around by your hips. As he stood there holding you up, you placed a small kiss on his nose before he let you down.
“Henry!” You grasped his hand and walked inside. You looked around amazed to see all the bright lights and squeals could be heard from the gates from the thrilling rides.  Although you weren
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 20 2
Shindong x Reader... Believe
It was hard for you to get out of bed every morning. And having your boyfriend, Shindong, wake up every morning early for schedules, was not helping. You would get up at the same time, just to make him breakfast and slither back into bed before the cold air of fall reached your toes. But on this particular day, the air was perfect. Shindong had left the windows open and whenever the wind blew, it tossed your hair into your sleeping face.
Shindong had his day off today, and part of his day was watching your usually hyped up self, lay quietly in the tussled sheets. He took his hand and carefully brushed your hair behind your ear again and smiled. He loved everything about you, even when you pouted. He liked the way your cheeks puffed up like a balloon and you stomped your feet.
Of course, the only time you ever pouted was over food. For some strange reason, you were a picky eater. But your boyfriend was into anything, and had nothing in particular he didn't like. So dinner was never easy
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 10 13
Eunhyuk x Reader... Surprises Back Stage
LA. The shining place where you would finally meet your ultimate bias. Lee Hyukjae. Rapper, main dancer, and probably heading to the same place you were at this time. Where? Oh how could you forget? It wasn't hard to think, but you, were going to Super Show 5!
The feelings that you had harbored until this day had been unleashed in a mere hour car ride, jawing your friend's ear off. Nonstop, you were babbling, complete utter nonsense to her. Now at first, her replies were kept short and sweet, but now they were annoyed sighs, and mostly death glares. She had enough.
When she finally rolled up to the stadium, she was more than happy to boot you out of the passenger seat. Waving good bye, she had left, probably smiling at the fact it was quiet again in her life. You on the other hand, you were bubbling with laughter, and could not help but plaster a big smile on your face as you stepped towards the stadium.
With each stride, your shoes hit the pavement, seemingly happy at the thought that
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 44 19
KyuhyunxReader- Hope Is A Dream That Doesn't Sleep
It doesn’t matter if I’m lonely. Whenever I think of you,
A smile spreads across my face.
It doesn’t matter if I’m tired. Whenever you are happy,
My heart is filled with love.
Today I might live in a harsh world again.

You called out to Kyuhyun who was standing by the street light on the sides of Seoul. He had his hands in his pocket, sunglasses on although it was night time, and seemed… Sort of… Sad. He had a blank expression on his face as you approached. “Annyeong Oppa!! Are you ready to go to the café?” You smiled up at him, hoping to cover the sad feeling he was emitting. Kyuhyun gave off a fake smile and began to take small strides to your awaited destination. He walked in front of you, making you give off a sigh. ‘What’s making him so upset?’
You followed behind your friend, keeping quiet as the deafening sounds of Seoul filled the air.
Even if I’m tired, when I close my eyes, I only see y
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 23 12
Koga x FoxDemon!Reader... Read Des. by Mei-Ri Koga x FoxDemon!Reader... Read Des. :iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 17 6
Official PROM15E-Campaign! ESPANOL
Dicho aquí es la PROM15E-Campaign (Campaña-PROM15E), y está escrito por aquellos que apoyan a Super Junior sin importar a que numero asciendan. Desde ahora hasta el final, nosotros firmemente creemos que Henry y Zhou Mi no solo deberían participar más en Super Shows, pero también creemos que la manera en que algunas fans han estado tratando a los miembros Chinos es injusto para ellos, y para el resto del grupo.
Le pedimos amablemente a SM Entertainment que nos escuchen y que tomen en consideración nuestras suplicas. Nosotros creemos como ELF, que debemos apoyar a todos los miembros, sin importar que estén oficialmente en el original Super Junior o cualquier sub grupo. Nosotros también sabemos que no podemos hacer cambiar la forma de actuar de algunas fans hacia los miembros Chinos, pero si queremos que se den cuenta que no solo están lastimando a los miembros a los que están en contra sino también los m
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 2 0
Stated here, is the PROM15E-Campaign, and it is written by those, who support Super Junior, no matter what number they stand at. From now until the end, we strongly believe that Henry and Zhou Mi should not only, participate more in Super Shows, but we also believe that the way some fans have been treating the Chinese members is unfair to them, and to the rest of the group.
We do ask kindly of SM Entertainment to hear us out, and take into consideration our pleas. We believe as ELFs, that we should support all the members, regardless whether they are officially in the original Super Junior or any sub groups. We also know that we cannot change how some fans act towards the Chinese members, but we do want them to realize they are not only hurting the members they are against, but the original Super Junior members as well, who love and support them as well.
We do not wish for Henry and Zhou Mi to be discriminated any longer, and we demand for their happiness. We, the PROM15E-Campaign;
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 7 0
Leeteuk x Reader... Surprise
Wrapped in each other’s arms, you and your always cheerful boyfriend Leeteuk sat comfortably on your bed. You had your head rested on his shoulder and he had his arms slung around you, and you both stared off into the distance, just cherishing the simple moments you spent together on days like these. It was sunny outside, but you both just wanted to spend a lazy day inside, wrapped up in each other’s warmth.
You sighed out in content and Leeteuk grabbed your small hand, gripping it with the utmost pleasure. He loved spending his extra time with you, and not only that, he loved any moment that you had together. He was always busy between photo shoots and performances; he barely had any time left. But he managed to take that small time, and amplify its meaning by turning it into the best few minutes you’ve ever spent with him.
While shifting into a more comfortable position, you knocked down a few stuffed animals that were placed on your bed. You briefly let go of Leete
:iconmei-ri:Mei-Ri 32 11


Jungkook YNWA by Yunhosbambi Jungkook YNWA :iconyunhosbambi:Yunhosbambi 130 17 Happy Lunar New Year by kasumivy Happy Lunar New Year :iconkasumivy:kasumivy 20 0 Ravi (VIXX) by TYV-ART Ravi (VIXX) :icontyv-art:TYV-ART 80 5 Jungkook Light by Yunhosbambi Jungkook Light :iconyunhosbambi:Yunhosbambi 86 6 Ken (VIXX) by TYV-ART Ken (VIXX) :icontyv-art:TYV-ART 78 4 Vixx Dynamite Fanchant Chibis by XHolyKnightAgrias Vixx Dynamite Fanchant Chibis :iconxholyknightagrias:XHolyKnightAgrias 20 2 Latenight Hakyeon Drawing by hanabihyuuga1 Latenight Hakyeon Drawing :iconhanabihyuuga1:hanabihyuuga1 15 2 Block B HER by PlaysWithScissors05 Block B HER :iconplayswithscissors05:PlaysWithScissors05 82 14 KEY | 0923 by ACNg KEY | 0923 :iconacng:ACNg 8 3 LEO_CHAINED UP. by MaewenMitzuki LEO_CHAINED UP. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 143 11 VIXX Hongbin [Hades Fanart]~ by Mochappuccino VIXX Hongbin [Hades Fanart]~ :iconmochappuccino:Mochappuccino 24 5 Mirotic: Jung Taekwoon (VIXX) by ANGELOFPURITY1992 Mirotic: Jung Taekwoon (VIXX) :iconangelofpurity1992:ANGELOFPURITY1992 126 18 [SHINee JONGHYUN] universe (A ver.) by AngieKrasiva [SHINee JONGHYUN] universe (A ver.) :iconangiekrasiva:AngieKrasiva 95 7 VIXX - Hyuk by Kyuria VIXX - Hyuk :iconkyuria:Kyuria 14 0


:iconanathematixs: :iconpeachhi: :iconxhiao-yuu: :iconaeygyojjang: :iconeriol-diggory-art: :iconkataqueen: :iconfurytigresse: :icondonghae1510: :iconduskvsdawn: :iconariesgoddessofwar: :iconchanhyochu: :iconpawsinyourface: :iconcristal1994: :icondoctorjester:

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Anneyonghaseyo! ^^ Just to let you know, I'm 14, I like to draw anime, LOVE to listen to K-pop (Super Junior & SHINee & VIXX and sometimes GG.) You asked for a fangirl? GOOD. Cause you've got one right in front of you. I like to dance when nobody is watching, because if they were watching, their eyes would melt out of their head.

Yes. I do take requests! ^^ Don't feel like you have to give anything in return.

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